Our Pest Control Service can Obliterate any Rodent Problem

Need rodent control? Let us eliminate your existing rodent problem and prevent future issues.

Getting close to rats or mice yourself can be dangerous, especially because every rodent pest has its particular procedure. Just killing mice and rats won’t do; you have to make sure you follow an exclusion process to prevent them from re-entering your home afterward. This exclusion process will protect your house not only from your current rodent pest but will also prevent future ones.

We provide rodent control in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and surrounding.

How will we take care of your rodents?


We can secure your attic, roof openings, garage doors openings, and foundation grates against rodents.


We use a combination of rodenticide, rodent proofing, trapping, and harborage reduction to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment.


We provide you with preventive measures that ensure that rodents won’t ever come back to your property.

Here are some reasons why you should hire pest control to get rid of your rodent pest

  • They represent a health hazard for you and your family
  • They reproduce quickly, so they could become a big problem fast
  • They could bring other pest problems, such as fleas or ticks

At Gray Pest Control, we believe in excellence: we inspect, treat, and prevent further pest invasions while keeping your family's safety into account.